Only If it was easy as a toss of a dice

If you get a six, you toss again

Maybe the best players are the smartest counters

Or perhaps the fastest are winners

But if it was an experiment –

We seem to skip the pretest

Because everyday is the real test

And the post test is enveloped in the validity when death drags you out of the real test

From the moment a fertilized egg is swept into a uterus by cilia

The consent slip is signed

You are jolted into reality from the first cry

Physics will teach you the SI unit of length is metre

But lessons to the real world is not taught in a class room

This you must go figure

Maybe they will try to show you

But you will have discover that

The most dangerous insurgent is not the rebels waving guns and throwing bombs

The biggest war is inside

The battlefield is the mind

The right and wrong, the good and bad.

The how much is too much,

The crossover to choose what is relative

The cocktail of ideas of whether it will take luck, or chance

or opportunity, or will, or both or all

The insidious incisions of decisions

But if truly Life is a stage and all men are simply players

It shouldn’t matter if you get the role of the green and plush of actor extraordinaire

Or the part of the lonely recluse hungry for love

There wouldn’t be the need for the rush

It wouldn’t matter however indelible your errors

After all is just a role

Men are from mars and women are from Venus

Until the director says ‘ cut! ‘That’s a rap!”

we are trapped in action.

But this is where it got tricky

The ironies that eludes the smartest intelligent quotient

The test to accurately predict the time one has   .

Predict the days and the hours left.

for instance Boy meets girl

How long till the façade of infatuation wears off?

How long is long enough?

Work hard to gain earn and reign wealth

Only to notice that no amount of money can buy a breath to walk a corpse

how safe is safe?

we guard our homes,our property,our kids yet unable to  guard a life

The ludicrous reality stays; an end beginning to an unknown end

But thing is, we are here.

with dry queens and counterfeits

And since we may not always smell fake and danger a mile away,

We are running from the untoward

But If u step on gum, however expensive your shoe, its going to lay under there

Whether life is such a dull or there is a big thrill

Or you are oscillating about a pivot through both

Whether you are  a Stray or life’s lil junkie

Hemmed in by the sway and kick of what each morning brings

Whether you are truly making a difference

Or gaining a virtual award at being certifiably insane

You are here.

So welcome

Wait in bated breath for  life’s beautiful array of ironies.

You can pretend its A game of chess and join the seeming winners yell checkmate!.

But its man that confused not the creator.

He gave a simple conclusion of the matter

Fear God and keep his commandments

For this is the whole duty of man.

For God will bring every deed into judgment

Including every hidden thing.

Whether it’s good or evil.


Author: ohwooçua

Christ in me, cant help but to OuTsHiNe :)

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