Maybe it was her mere presence It nurtured calmness and quieted wars 

It was water to lick the fires 

It was strokes of color 

On an empty canvas 
Maybe it was her smile 

It could warm cold hearts

 with strange attraction 

And light up the darkness

 with peculiar delight 
Maybe it was her eyes

They could reach into a soul 

draw out secrets nobody knew

And scale down walls that had

Taken years to raise with just a look

Maybe it was the sound of her laughter

It could gather ears to its music 

Slow speeding problems

To a crawl

And bring racing drawbacks 

to a screeching halt

Maybe it was the scars

 that tattered her life

They are telescopes 

to her once harsh realities 

They are maps to a gory past

They are the true definition of her beauty


You have me pacing through unsolved equations

Fighting my thoughts through riddles

Questions escaping in witless rhetorics

If I could clearly identify the variables 

Perhaps I could use graphical solutions

To find the equilibrium 

But you are less complicated than algebra

Less dramatic than figures

hiding in Products and functions 

You are beautiful in the simplest of ways 

And yet..

You have me pacing through unsolved equations